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Frequently Asked Questions

• What can our leasing company do for you?

Thanks to our professional and experienced leasing agents, we can provide you with a direct lease for new vehicles of all makes and models.

• What has allowed your company to maintain such low prices on lease deals?

Using our years of experience in the business, as well as the high volumes of cars, we are able to use our direct dealer network to find you the lowest pricing available, bringing you the best alphaautony.com has to offer. A typical leasing customer trades a leased vehicle every 2-3 years, while we have been in the leasing business for many years often serving the same customer with a decade or more of leases.

• Do you only lease and sell new vehicles?

Yes, we only deal with cars that are fresh off of the factory assembly line. No used lemons here!

• Do you offer a Zero Down payment option?

Yes! All of our cars are listed with a zero deposit down (also known as cap cost reduction). However, you will incur fees including tax, tag, title, and first month’s payment at the time that you sign the lease. If you are unable to cover these costs at the time of the signing, discuss this with our financial specialists who can offer you a plan that spreads this initial payment and fees throughout the term of the lease.

• How long do I have to wait to receive my vehicle?

After you choose a vehicle for lease we can normally deliver it to you the next business day. In the case that we do not have a specific make or model within your area, we will be able to work with another dealer in an outside market, which can take 2 to 3 business days for delivery.

• Are all of your vehicles covered by a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, each car that is made available through our company is covered by a full manufacturer warranty, with bumper to bumper coverage. Other warranty benefits may also apply; please check the detailed description of the vehicle on our website for more warranty information or speak to our leasing agent.

• Who will service the vehicle after I lease it from your operation?

You can take your vehicle to any dealer for service, as designated by the full manufacturer’s warranty.

• How will I receive my new vehicle after purchase or leasing?

We will have it on hand at a brick and mortar location as designated in your area. You can also opt for our vehicle delivery service, wherein we will use our delivery specialists to bring the vehicle to you at any location.